Marble Manicure Results


I recently discovered a new technique called marbling. It provides a really neat nail-art look  for those of us who aren’t quite as adept at maneuvering tiny brushes and dotting tools and all that rot. My pics turned out blurry (darn cell phone camera!), so I included a tutorial from Colette as well so you can see the full effect.

Just a few notes:

Colette uses an orange stick to play with the design. You can also use a toothpick or a pin, so you should be able to complete this manicure with your current stash and whatever tools you have laying around the house. It’s imperative to work quickly–the polish on the surface of the water will dry and not adhere to your nail if you go too slow. If it isn’t working try using slightly warmer or cooler water.

My colors:

Papier Mache (A white creme from Finger Paints)
Beautiful Girl (A bubble-gum pink creme from Sinful Colors)
Liquid Leather (A true black creme from China Glaze)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Give it a try and let me know how your manicure turns out!

Disclaimer: I purchased all of these polishes myself and received no compensation for this post.


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