Operation Sunscreen is Underway!


I am in a competition to see how many soldiers I can protect this month. You may be wondering how I can protect our troops… well… Mary Kay is working with Soldier’s Angels to provide support and supplies for our service men and women. One of S.A.’s programs provides care packages for those who are deployed overseas, and while donations of toiletries are frequent, often sun-care needs are overlooked.

My personal goal is to provide a sun-care package to 25 soldiers by July 31st, and I need your help! Each $37 package includes sun protection and lip protection, as well as an after sun gel that eases windburn.

I am personally matching each package purchased, so together we can impact the lives of 50 soldiers!

Thank you for helping me meet my goal! Please leave a comment or give me a call at 510.779.2386 to let me know how many packages you’d like to donate.

With love,

ps. Soldier’s Angels is a non-profit organization, so I will be providing you with a receipt for your taxes. Let’s make a difference!


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