Spanish Rice with COCONUT OIL!


Welcome to the inaugural post of Adventures in Huswifery.

So far I’ve posted some old-school “badvertising” under this category, and I have so much more planned! I look forward to exploring the history of the term “housewife,” questioning housework as a traditionally gendered activity, and, most importantly, documenting my struggles to get my shit together and act like a grown-up when it comes to keeping our house clean. My dear husband can, and does, clean circles around me on a regular basis. I am all for questioning traditional gender norms, but it’s really time for me to start pulling my weight.

I have, however, already achieved some modicum of success an area of traditional huswifery: cooking! So, without further ado, I am proud to present my first food blog. My food blogs and recipes will be cross posted between Adventures in Huswifery and Dining as I see fit.

Spanish rice cooked with coconut oil


1/2 medium yellow or white onion (can someone tell me the difference here? I use them interchangeably and it hasn’t blown up the world…yet)
garlic to taste
1 jalapeno
2 tbsp coconut oil
1 tbsp butter
1/2-1 cup of tomato sauce
1 dried chile (if feeling whimsical)
2 cups of long grain rice (I used white basmati)
4 cups of chicken broth
salt to taste

Step 1:

Melt coconut oil and butter in a pan. I started with 1 tbsp of each.

Butter has a much higher melting point that coconut oil, which melts at 76°.

Step 2:

When butter looks foamy, throw in one slice of onion to test the sizzle factor. If sizzle factor is sufficient, add the rest of the onions.

Don't cry. I sliced them for you!

Step 3:

When onions start to become translucent, add garlic to taste. When garlic and onions have browned, add sliced jalapeno.

For spicier rice, leave the seeds in. Make sure you wear gloves or wash your hands after slicing the jalapeno.

Step 4:

Add two cups of long grain rice.

Two cups of basmati rice.

Step 5:

Stir rice to coat with oil. Continue stirring until brown and toasty. Add another dollop of coconut oil if needed.

Step 6:

Add enough tomato sauce to coat rice, 1/2 to 1 cup. Stir.

If you have no tomato sauce, put 3-4 medium roma tomatoes in your Magic Bullet blender, blend until goopy. If you desire a smoky flavor, throw a dried chile into the blender. Remember to cut off the green stem first. Keep the seeds to increase the heat factor.

Step 7:

Add four cups of chicken stock. Or two cups of frozen chicken stock and two cups of water with two teaspoons of Better Than Bullion if you are me. Use this moment to collect any errant grains of rice clinging to the sides of the pan. YOU SHALL NOT ESCAPE, ERRANT GRAINS OF RICE!

Can you see the island of frozen chicken stock? And the pile of Better Than Bullion? This is very technical cooking, so be careful!

Step 8:

Bring to a boil, then reduce to simmer, cover and cook over medium heat for 15 minutes. I added one more chopped roma tomato at this point, just for giggles.

No, I don't have a lid for my cast iron skillet. Don't hate, innovate!

Step 9:

Start cleaning up as you go, because that’s what good/mature cooks do. Throw away the associated detritus you’ve created. Start to put away tub of Better than Bullion. Realize you can’t find the lid. Search the counter. Don’t find it. Become concerned that you threw the lid away with the afore-mentioned detritus. Search the trash bin. Don’t find it. Wash hands. Pick up a few onion peels. Find the lid under the afore-mentioned onion peels, affix to the tub, and put tub in freezer. Remove Better Than Bullion from freezer. Put the tub in the fridge.

Step 1o:

Turn off burner. Leave rice covered for five more minutes.

Step 11:

Uncover and fluff rice with a fork. Test for doneness. Eat up!

Finished Spanish Rice

Oh my goodness... so delicious!

So, there you have it! The above picture was actually taken after I had served two plates, so you can imagine how much this recipe yields. If you are leftover averse, feel free to halve the recipe.

Cooking with coconut oil was easy, and it didn’t impart any discernible coconut flavor. Stay tuned tomorrow, when I explain why I am cooking with coconut oil. Isn’t it *cue scary music* full of saturated fat?


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