62 Questions – Part Four


I am working through Life Literacy Lab’s 62 power questions to reconnect to yourself. Let me know if you’re ready to take the challenge with me. I’d love to have a buddy!

Part four, and this is starting to get a little bit uncomfortable. But, guess what? They are called growing pains for a reason.

  1. What was that thing you never tried because you were afraid of failure?

    Auditioning for MFA programs and/or applying to PhD programs. See a trend?

  2. What was your greatest disappointment in life?

    I don’t really think about things that way

  3. As a kid, what did you dream of becoming when you grew up?

    A teacher, a writer, an actress, or whatever cool job I had just seen a movie about. (Lawyer after Pelican Brief, etc.)

  4. What are you really good at?

    Encouraging people. Sharing enthusiasm. Acting. Cooking. Planning vacations. Writing. Brainstorming. Singing. Clarifying. Appreciating beauty (Any ideas on how I can monetize that one??).

  5. What can you do better??

    Make productive choices. Be realistic about what I can get done in 24 hours & following through. Call/text/email people back in a timely fashion, or at all. Clean the damn house. Stay connected to friends and loved ones.

Why is it so much easier to come up with the “things you can do better” than the “things you are really good at”?

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