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Mary Kay Summer Blow Out Sale!


Labor Day is just around the corner, so I’m clearing out my summer inventory! Shop online with me between now and August 31st for 25% off your entire purchase.

While supplies last, purchases of $40 or more (after discount) will receive a custom Mary Kay tweezer and soothing eye gel set in a faux alligator case.

Purchases of $100 or more (after discount) will receive the tweezer set and complete set of Mary Kay limited edition nail polishes in Coral Stone and Pink Sand.

Purchases of $200 or more (after discount) will receive all of the above, plus our travel roll-up bag to keep your supplies organized.

When you place your order, just click “contact me for payment information” and I will call or email with your discount. Remember, I offer free delivery or shipping on every purchase.

Please, share the news with your friends and let me know how I can serve you. I can’t wait to see what Fall has in store for us!


Mary Kay Azure Eyeshadow Look


Oh my goodness… Mary Kay’s YouTube channel is amazing! Check out this high-drama smoky eye look done by Ashunta Sheriff. Mary Kay Azure is one of my favorite colors (assuming I ever work up the cojones to wear it out of the house!) and I love the idea of doing a smoky eye with such a bold, bright hue.

Such a beautiful look!

Keep your eyes peeled for my first video blog–I’m going to try a similar look with a bright purple coming up next! I have a feeling I might need to bring in some reinforcements…so stay tuned!

Mary Kay Eyeshadow Swatch


The response to my first eyeshadow swatches blew me away! Thank you to my Mary Kay friends in Russia for linking to my photos. It was fun reading your responses in the forum–thank heaven for Google Translate!

My next inventory order came in last week, and I’ve been dying to post more swatches! As promised, the swatches for our Mineral Eye Color in Espresso and Denim Frost are below. The first photo is in full sunlight and the second is indoors with flash.

Espresso is a matte dark brown, the darkest brown in the MK palate. It layers nicely and is a wonderful liner. It may be because I was born in the 80’s, but I am in love with Denim Frost! It is a greyed-out cobalt blue shimmer with some iridescence–and I think I see the tiniest bit of black pigment in the second photo. It’s so nuanced it drives me wild!

Swatch of Mary Kay Espresso (matte brown) and denim frost (blue shimmer) eyeshadows

Look at that shimmer!

Overall I am impressed with the Mineral Eye Color collection. The shades are highly pigmented and blend beautifully. Please comment if there are any particular color combinations you’d like to see!

As always, let me know if you’d like to place an order or if you have any questions.
(510) 779-2386

Disclaimer: I am an Independent Beauty Consultant with Mary Kay. I purchased all supplies and materials shown and received no compensation for this post. 

Mary Kay Eyeshadow Swatches

Mary Kay Eyeshadow Swatches

I recently got my Mary Kay eyeshadow palate set up and I am thrilled with the colors. So, I did the only logical thing: swatch them all! My neighbors were surely wondering who was sticking their arm out of the second story window and photographing it. Well, too bad! Because it was fun!

Here is my arm in all of its swatchy glory…

Arm covered with eyeshadow swatches

Swatch Mania!

The top photo in each swatch is in full sunlight, the bottom photo is indoors with flash.

MK Eyeshadow Swatch One:

Swatch of White Lily, Crystalline, Moonstone, Sweet Cream, Spun Silk, Honey Spice, Silky Caramel and Amber Blaze eyeshadows

  1. White Lily – Antique white matte.
  2. Crystalline – Bold beige shimmer, bordering on white.
  3. Moonstone – Subtle yellow-based shimmer.
  4. Sweet Cream – Beige matte.
  5. Spun Silk – Subtle beige/gold shimmer.
  6. Honey Spice – Bolder beige/gold shimmer, bordering on pink.
  7. Silky Caramel – Light tan matte.
  8. Amber Blaze – Bold light copper shimmer.

MK Eyeshadow Swatch Two:

Swatch of Precious Pink, Copper Glow, Almond, Hazelnut, Granite, Chocolate Kiss and Sienna eyeshadows

  1. Precious Pink – Subtle pink/gold shimmer.
  2. Copper Glow – Bold true copper shimmer.
  3. Almond – Tan matte with coppery notes.
  4. Hazelnut – Light brown matte, bordering on taupe.
  5. Granite – Bold taupe shimmer.
  6. Chocolate Kiss – Bold brown/copper shimmer.
  7. Sienna – Matte reddish brown.
MK Eyeshadow Swatch Three (AKA-My favorite!):

Swatch of Cinnabar, Lemongrass, Ivy Garden, Emerald, Blue Metal, Azure, Peacock Blue and Midnight Star eyeshadows

  1. Cinnabar – Matte true brown.
  2. Lemongrass – Subtle yellow/green shimmer.
  3. Ivy Garden – Subtle olive shimmer.
  4. Emerald  – Bold bright green shimmer.
  5. Blue Metal – Bold sky-blue shimmer.
  6. Azure – Bold blue/green shimmer. Most iridescent shade in the MK collection.
  7. Peacock Blue – Bold bright blue shimmer.
  8. Midnight Star – Bold navy blue shimmer with black notes. This one makes a great eyeliner!
MK Eyeshadow Swatch Four:

Swatch of Lavender Fog, Iris, Sweet Plum, Silver Satin, Black Pear and Coal eyeshadows

  1. Lavender Fog – Grayed-out lavender matte.
  2. Iris – Brighter purple matte.
  3. Sweet Plum – Purple shimmer bordering on burgundy.
  4. Silver Satin – Silver Shimmer with some taupe.
  5. Black Pearl – Dark gray shimmer bordering on black.
  6. Coal – Black matte. This one also makes a FABULOUS liner.
That’s everything for today! I plan to swatch Denim Frost and Espresso when my next order comes in. What are your favorite shades? Anything you’d like to see swatched in combination?
As always, let me know if you’d like to place an order or if you have any questions.
(510) 779-2386 I am an Independent Beauty Consultant with Mary Kay. I purchased all supplies and materials shown and received no compensation for this post. 

Operation Sunscreen is Underway!


I am in a competition to see how many soldiers I can protect this month. You may be wondering how I can protect our troops… well… Mary Kay is working with Soldier’s Angels to provide support and supplies for our service men and women. One of S.A.’s programs provides care packages for those who are deployed overseas, and while donations of toiletries are frequent, often sun-care needs are overlooked.

My personal goal is to provide a sun-care package to 25 soldiers by July 31st, and I need your help! Each $37 package includes sun protection and lip protection, as well as an after sun gel that eases windburn.

I am personally matching each package purchased, so together we can impact the lives of 50 soldiers!

Thank you for helping me meet my goal! Please leave a comment or give me a call at 510.779.2386 to let me know how many packages you’d like to donate.

With love,

ps. Soldier’s Angels is a non-profit organization, so I will be providing you with a receipt for your taxes. Let’s make a difference!

Marble Manicure Results


I recently discovered a new technique called marbling. It provides a really neat nail-art look  for those of us who aren’t quite as adept at maneuvering tiny brushes and dotting tools and all that rot. My pics turned out blurry (darn cell phone camera!), so I included a tutorial from Colette as well so you can see the full effect.

Just a few notes:

Colette uses an orange stick to play with the design. You can also use a toothpick or a pin, so you should be able to complete this manicure with your current stash and whatever tools you have laying around the house. It’s imperative to work quickly–the polish on the surface of the water will dry and not adhere to your nail if you go too slow. If it isn’t working try using slightly warmer or cooler water.

My colors:

Papier Mache (A white creme from Finger Paints)
Beautiful Girl (A bubble-gum pink creme from Sinful Colors)
Liquid Leather (A true black creme from China Glaze)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Give it a try and let me know how your manicure turns out!

Disclaimer: I purchased all of these polishes myself and received no compensation for this post.

Funky French Manicure


We’ve all been there. You do a great manicure, then on the second or third day tip wear and those tiny little chips and cracks start in. Why not disguise the damage and lengthen the life of your manicure by turning it into a funky french!

This was one of my first successful french manicures, well…ever, because I abandoned those little white half moon sticker things for good old-fashioned scotch tape. It’s idiot proof, trust me.

Disguise tip wear with a funky french manicure!