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The Pattern


I just want to sleep until it feels better.
sleep until the scars fade
lean backward in time
’til everything is fine

This ache, I’ve assuaged it.
with change and excitement
always seeing a golden age just up ahead
never now

I know the pattern, but still find myself wondering:
Would I be happier if x?
Would I be more fulfilled if y?
Z is making me unhappy.

The variables? They don’t matter.
Constructed, one and all.
I try to sort them out before
asleep, to sleep,
I fall.




Owning this… ambivalence
this quagmire I’ve created.
Insulated from risk, I lose it all.
This miscarriage of hope–
a bleeding, gaping hole
where my once solid flesh,
mortified, began to melt away.

Capitola Beach


Capitola Beach

Blue-green algae on a feather
encircled by seagrass or kelp
toes dig and grind

The pelicans are active today
soar…circle…dive with a last-minute tuck
the lesser birds rush in after

Can any of them see, or is it just that?

I hear her before I see her
“I’m not deserting it,” —¬†annoyed
“I just feel like being in the water right now.”
defensiveness wrapped in lime-green lycra

The little boy stands in an unfinished castle.

Obviously the importance of the work was lost on her.